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Lo de este tipo es una barbaridad, se mire como se mire, guste más o menos. Un tipo con una mente en continuo procesamiento de ideas. Un tipo que saca a relucir sus ángeles y demonios en sus oraciones, en sus letras. Un tipo entregado a su obra y por ende a sus fans a los que viene suministrando extraordinarios volúmenes que hablan de su voracidad creativa. El último, este “Devolver” recientemente publicado del que escribe estas líneas y que recomendamos desde GravelRoad76:

To my fans,

Today I want to say THANK YOU and I love you, in the language we speak to each other – with music.
DEVOLVER is for you, please feel free to download for free – this is your party and this album is me celebrating you.
In my darkest moments you lifted me up, creatively and personally and that love was instrumental in how I got here today, to safety and in a place of healing – one year sober.
Please accept this album as token of my appreciation for all the love you have shown me through the years, for your encouragement to continue on when I didn’t think I could and for standing with me, rebuilding this dream house brick by brick.
Sometimes the trick is to strip it all back, to keep it so simple life has a way to throw you some curb balls – to devolve back into the apeman and embrace the wild spirit in our bones.
This is that album and it has been my honour to have been given the chance to find myself and be myself fully – embracing my music and
my life as it comes – in its own way – free of the patterns of the past.
So thank you. This one’s for you. You are truly loved and appreciate with all that I am.


«Devolver» ©2022 PAX-AM Records
01.Don’t Give It Away
02.Stare At The TV
03.Alien USA
04.Banging On My Head
06.Eyes On The Door
07.Too Bored To Run
08.Free Your Self
09.Get Away
10.I’m In Love With You
11.Why Do You Hate Me

Este es un disco que se podrá solicitar en de manera gratuita.

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