Hogjaw: «Cry For The Bad Man», Lynyrd Skynyrd cover | GravelRoad76

Este año tuvimos el grato placer de compartir dos noches inolvidables con Hogjaw. Una con nuestra familia vasca en el Keska Taberna y otra en nuestra casa Salason.
Hoy la banda comparte con todos nosotros un vídeo donde salen fotos de toda esta última gira europea… un vídeo donde finalmente se atreven a hacer esa versión de los Lynyrd Skynyrd que tantos fans les pedimos.
El tema fue grabado justo antes de comenzar el tour europeo, en la ciudad de Berna (Suiza) gracias a la colaboración de Sandro el frontman de Slam & Howie And The Reserve Men.
Bueno, aquí tienes «Cry For The Bad Man» al estilo Hogjaw, sobre la que nos dicen:

«Over the last few years, folks have been asking for Hogjaw to cover a Lynryrd Skynyrd song. As a band, we have jammed many of those tunes having fun and trying to see which one of the many seemed to work best for us. We chose «Cry for the Bad Man» because it is a more obscure and different song than what is typically played – and it lends itself well to our style. In early September this year, we set out on our 3rd European tour, and landed a few days early in Bern, Switzerland. Sandro Lamparter of Wanted Men Studios Had a plan for us – To record a live track and test out all of our gear in the studio. It was the perfect opportunity to record «Cry for the Bad Man» – a day before the entire European tour kicked off. Sandro has since mixed and mastered the recordings of that day, and put together a video of pics he has taken from the last couple of tours. Thanks Sandro! And again, Thanks to all of our European friends and family! Enjoy…»

JB & The boys

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