STARROY ARE ALIVE!! | GravelRoad76)

Thanks so much to Sherry L. Speer for this photo:

First: Sorry to my bad english:

A few weeks ago we announced that Starroy underwent some lineup changes. Our good friend Justin Boswell left the band and was replaced by Red Dorton (Zach Williams & The Reformation).

When Starroy came to Europe in 2012, they were four members. Now the band are six members. This  for me is synonymous of more power on stage, more energy, more acttitude… Starroy nowadays is a great band, with an own sound.

The band are working very hard these days. They want to have a new record on the market before returning to Europe (2014).

We today bring you a video of the new formation. A video recorded by our good friend Jake Owens (Arkansas), where you will watch new members on stage: Mr. Red Dorton (bass), Jacob Brumley (drummer) & Cameron Roberts (guitar) with the veterans Adam Barnard (vocals), Barry Fowler (guitar) & Heath Finch (percussion).

Starroy this October 12th will be playing at the Rock ‘n Roll Highway 67 Music Festival with bands like Chilyrose, Jason D. Williams… An example of that Starroy still alive …

Don’t forget to enter their web site for more informationabout the band (

Starroy to Gravelroad76 is more than a rock band. They have something special.

Now you will watch a video of their last visit to Europe, and the recorded in a few days ago by our friend Jake Owens, with the new lineup. Enjoy them.



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