Video Premiere: Elvis Hogjaw (Hogjaw) talk with us about the song and videoclip of «I Will Remain» | GR76


«I Will Remain» by Elvis Hogjaw:

The song «I Will Remain» was written by JB Jones. Like most HOGJAW songs, It starts with a riff, and a jam, then an arrangement, by Kwall, and then finish with lyrics and solos.
From what I remember about the song, it came together in about two weeks. The melancholy sound of the beginning chords, and the loud chorus, we all liked it instantly. As started to put ideas together for the album, Kwall came up wth the title «Rise To The Mountains» and we knew that mountains, and solitude, and the journey of life would be the subject matter of most of the songs (a loose concept album). JB Jones came up with the lyrical idea of a song sang by the mountain, to all the people who come there. «I Will Remain» is the song the mountain sings to you, if you can hear it.
About the video… JB Jones pitched to us, a video shot in black and white, in a blackened studio, with minimal lighting and everyone wearing black. No colors. This he discussed as we made the album. We did not have enough time between finishing the album, living life, and getting ready for the tour in the fall of 2015 to make this video. When we got back from tour, we took a break from jamming and the conversation went back to the video we never made. JB Jones pitched it to us again and we gave him the green light to bring two other video guys in, so he will only need to concentrate on performing, and not direct, as he has all the other videos. Larry Hinson (@hinsonmedia ) and Jason Cakebread (@fatcakemedia) are the crew. We shot the black and white segments first, and we did shoot the whole song there. During the production, JB Jones and the video guys came up with the idea to shoot Jimmy’s guitar solo up in Sedona, Arizona. A beautiful place, famous for it’s unique red rock scenery. Once you have seen Sedona, you know exactly what it is. The guitar solo segment was shot second. After this was shot, they said, we need more color for this video. JB Jones knew where to go. Every year we celebrate a party called ‘beerfest’ on the Mogollon Rim. A 7000 foot cliff in northern Arizona. This was where he wanted to shoot the band. The cliffside shots with the full band are there. We had several cameras, including a flying drone, and we shot this in the afternoon to try and catch the golden hour of late sun. Between arranging 3 locations, shooting, editing and approving, the video took nearly 4 months to complete. Our biggest production to date. We don’t know how we are going to put out another video that is as cool as this one is.

We would like to give a dedication of this to a good friend of ours who passed away in this year, he loved this song, Mr. Javier Ezquerro, owner operator of the Rocksound, Barcelona. He is on the mountain, jamming.


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