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Interview with Stewart Mann (Statesboro Revue)

Para nosotros es un placer compartir con todos vosotros esta entrevista que le hicimos a Stewart Mann, el frontman de The Statesboro Revue, la banda de Texas que está triunfando en su primera gira europea. La entrevista la hemos realizado 24 horas antes de cruzar a tierras gallegas donde tocarán tres noches consecutivas: El día 16 en la Mardi Gras de A Coruña, el viernes 17 en Salason de Cangas y el sábado 18 en el Café Cultural Auriense de Ourense.

Está publicada íntegramente en inglés porque el tiempo apremia, además se entiende perfectamente. Antes de nada perdonad por las más que probables erratas que encontréis en las preguntas. No somos muy profesionales, simplemente queremos hacer que el rock se aproxime a los mundanos como nosotros.

Mención especial a las fotos, que son de su primer concierto en España, exactamente del concierto en Barcelona. Realizadas por nuestra buena amiga Noe a la cual agradecemos su aportación de modo completamente desinteresado.

Thanks so much for answer our questions, Stewart Mann.

This is your first time in Spain. How is being on tour? What do you like most about Spain?
“It’s amazing thus far! Every city is beautiful, the food is great, and the people are extremely friendly.”

What happened in Turkish airlines?
“Don’t get me started… they lost all 5 of our bags, and it took 8 days to get all of them back! Other than through twitter, we couldn’t even get ahold of anyone via their customer service phone numbers. Needless to say we all smelled pretty bad for the first 8 days!”

«Different Kind Of Light» (2009) is a great album, full of blues, soul, rock… tell me how this album was born, and it means to you.
“This album was our band’s first so it will always hold a special place in my heart. This record was the first time in my musical career that I was able to utilize all of my influences, and I loved it.”

«Alone», the last song of the record is one of the songs that you compare with bands like the Allmand Brothers. Do you like these comparisons? What bands are an inspiration to you?
“I LOVE that comparison, the Allman Brothers are my favorite band of all time. However, I would prefer to ultimately make our own unique mark on the music world, and someday achieve the success of my influences. Who am I kidding, I just want to be able to play music for the rest of my life!»

«Privilege Creek Ramble On» is your latest album. It’s a more acoustic and sentimental work. Beautiful vocals, keys, harmonica, slide guitar… more soul and country sound. Why this change in your music?
“Thank you so much… I think it was just a natural progression into new musical territory. Typically the songs I write stem from what I listen to, and I’ve been listening to a lot more roots based music the past few years. Who knows what the next record might sound like, possibly completely different.”

Is «Privilege Creek Ramble On» album a reminds your childhood? Or A tribute to Mark Twain stories?
“The title itself is an homage to Garrett and our family. Our great-grandfather was in a band called The Bluebonnet Ramblers and our grandmother lives on Privilege Creek in Pipe Creek, TX.”

Did you feel like Huckleberry seeking freedom in the world of music?
“Absolutely! I love that question. I feel like I’m constantly exploring new places, literally and figuratively. I can only grow as a writer and as a performer if I allow myself to wander from time to time.”

Who is Isabella?
“No one in particular. Garrett had the name in mind when he came up with the melody for it and I just wrote a story based on my experiences with women in the past. It is truly a beautiful name though.”

I know you play some versions in your shows like Rolling Stones or Rod Stewart. What covers do you usually play in your concerts?
“We vary our covers show to show and they range from Credence Clearwater Revival to Sam Cooke or The Band to even some Ryan Adams from time to time.”

Everyone is speaking very well about your concerts in Castellón, Barcelona, Zaragoza or Monzón. What do you think of the Spanish people? Any crazy stories… like the frog and the harmonica?
“The shows have been INCREIBLE! The people have been unbelievably responsive, appreciative, andjust rowdy and we are truly humbled by it. There was a little girl in Castellón who was paying attention to my every word. At the end of the show, she really wanted a cd but was 5€ short, so I gave her 5€ and one harmonica. In return, she gave me a frog. Fair trade in my opinion!”

Well, I hope you who are enjoying this experience in Europe. I would like to finish to know what are the bands that have most influenced you in your music and how do you convince people for going to your shows?
“I would tell people that if they want to feel some positive sound waves go through your body, and hear some genuine live music, then come to a show! As far as influences go… The Black Crowes, The Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, and the list goes on and on.”

Video recorded in Castellón (Spain). The Rolling Stone´s «Jumpin’ Jack Flash» by The Statesboro Revue  

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