Sin discos no habría música

Sin música no podríamos soñar

Sin soñar sería difícil vivir




Dingos & Flamingos “Bilbao Sin City” (2015 Dingos & Flamingos)


Imperial Jade “Please Welcome” (2015 Lengua Armada)


Pomeray y los Aparcabicis del Espacio “XXIII” (2015 Guns of Brixton Records)


The Frigolos “Hangover Sessions” (2015 The Frigolos)

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The Stone Foxes “Twelve Spills” (2015 The Stone Foxes)

Michael Monroe “Old King’s Road” (2015 Money Cash Flow)

Hard Working Americans “Hard Working Americans” (2014 Melvin Records)

The Widowbirds “Black Into The Blue” (2015 Whistling Dixie)

Los Lobos “Gates Of Gold” (2015 Proper Records)

Kenneth Brian Band “Blackbird” (2015 Southern Shift Records)

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats “Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats” (2015 Bottleneck Music)

James Room “Weird Antiqua” (2015 James Room)

Hogjaw “Rise To The Mountains” (2015 Hogjaw)

Uncle Sal “Little Cabin Music” (2015 Uncle Sal)

The Kleejoss Band “Villa Modesta” (2015 The Kleejoss Band)

The Soul Jacket “Black Cotton Limited” (2014 The Soul Jacket)

JJ Grey & Mofro “Ol’ Glory” (2015 Provogue Records)

10 mejores álbumes nacionales 2014 GravelRoad76

10 mejores álbumes internacionales 2014 GravelRoad76