Special “Wild Adriatic” live in Nixenmeer by Herbert Schluter & Jan Van Eck (GravelRoad76)

Thanks so much to Herbert and Jan Van Eck for this great job, and of course thanks to Art Visuals for these wonderful videos. This is the special about the Wild Adriatic show in Nixenmmer..

Wild Adriatic, 08-11-2014 Niexenmeer

Text: Herbert Schluter Photo’s: Jan van Eck Videos : Art Visuals

PicMonkey Collage Wild Adriatic. I’m still wondering what the name has to do with the Adriatic Sea, but boy, these guys are really, really WILD! They visited our beautiful venue www.nixenmeer.nl as part of their first European tour – in fact it was the first and only visit so far to the Netherlands.

After the introduction there was one moment of silence, the men looked at each other, drummer Mateo Vosganian counted four and the stage just erupted like a ripe volcano! Just looking at Mateo is the proverbial ‘sight for sore eyes’ when he does an imitation of the ‘mad drummer’ – only better! Also he’s constantly looking at bassguitar player Rich Derbyshire with a ferocious look in his eyes. That is, when Rich is also looking at him, which is not too often. I’ve seen my share of bassplayers and frankly, most of ‘m are are more or less aware that, allthough they play a significant role in the show, most attention goes to the guitarplayers and singers. This guy however is a whole new ballgame. He’s dancing around and his feet are moving so fast that it’s almost like he’s floating a foot above the stage. He’s like a Nepalese levitating monk!


The only one not on 10.000 volts is guitarplayer and singer Travis Gray, but let’s face it, playing the guitar and singing doesn’t allow anyone to jump around like a wild rabbit. Anyhow, playing and especially singing is what he does best. What a voice!

The band started out with a song from their latest album ‘Big Suspicious’.’I’m not in love, so I can’t be your man’. A little later we heard the first cover ‘Ain’t no sunshine’ which was also the first time the band turned down the speed – just a notch…


They played almost all songs from their album ‘Big Suspicious’, I just missed ‘Holding You’ and ‘Walk for Miles’. Also we heard a number of songs from the EP ‘Lock and Key’ like ‘the Spark’, ‘Make like a ghost’, New sun rising’ and of course ‘Letter’. Do check the video on Youtube with this song, it represents the energy and power, the raw passion these guys play with.


No matter how wild and powerful these guys play, they litterally didn’t miss a single beat, not in their own songs but neither in the covers we heard. ‘With a little help from my friends’ sounded great, but I was completely blown away when I heard Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock ‘n Roll’! When I closed my eyes I could have sworn I heard Robert Plant! Just to give you an idea what a great voice this Travis Gray has.


So, Spain, in short: hold on to your hats, ‘cause I’ll personally guarantee Wild Adriatic is going to rock your socks off! If not, I’ll come over and eat your socks – that’s a promise I don’t easily make, but I feel safe this time… Wild Adriatic has come to conquer Europe and things are looking good, no, things are looking FANTASTIC so far! Can’t wait for them to come back and do that show over and over again.


06/11/2014 Oostende – Belgium  Bada Bing
07/11/2014 Arras – France  Blue Devils
08/11/2014 Enschede – Holland  NIX Club
09/11/2014 Turnhout – Belgium  Dax Café
11/11/2014 Bremen – Germany  Meisenfrei
12/11/2014 Krefeld – Germany  Kulturrampe
13/11/2014 Hamburg – Germany Rock Café St Pauli
15/11/2014 Bordesholm – Germany Albatros
18/11/2014 Kortrijk – Belgium  Den Trap
20/11/2014 Ravensburg – Germany  Balthes Pub
21/11/2014 Solothurn – Switzerland  Kofmehl
22/11/2014 Bartenheim – France  Palace Loisirs
24/11/2014 Saint Etienne – France Thunderbird Lounge
26/11/2014 Zaragoza – Spain La Ley Seca
27/11/2014 Ourense – Spain Sala Berlin
28/11/2014 Cangas – Spain Salason
29/11/2014 Aviles – Spain  Centro Niemeyer
30/11/2014 Aldea de San Miguel – Spain Cuco’s Taverna
01/12/2014 Leon – Spain  Gran Cafe
02/12/2014 Madrid – Spain  La Boite
03/12/2014 Estepona – Spain King Creole
04/12/2014 Murcia – Spain  Sala B
05/12/2014 Castellon – Spain Veneno Stereo
06/12/2014 Barcelona – Spain Rocksound
07/12/2014 Torredembarra – Spain  La Traviesa






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